Yumura Onsen area

This hot spring has a history that in year 808, it was discovered by Guhoutaishi. It locates in Kofu city, the middle of Yamanashi prefecture. A traditional Japanese hotel with a beautiful Japanese garden called Jowan Hotel locates near the hot spring. An express bus runs between Yumura Hot Spring to Kyoto and also to Osaka 2 times every day. It is very useful for visitors who are planning to take a trip between Kyoto to Yumura Hot Spring and Mt. Fuji to Tokyo.

Express Bus Time Table
Kofu (7:30)-Yumura Hot Spring (7:43)-Kyoto (14:00)-Osaka (15:45)
Kofu (22:10)-Yumura Hot Spring (22:18)-Kyoto (6:10)-Osaka (7:45)

Osaka (7:25)-Kyoto (9:15)-Yumura Hot Spring (15:32)-Kofu (15:45)
Osaka (21:20)-Kyoto (22:53)-Yumura Hot Spring (6:25)-Kofu (6:33)

Yumura Tokiwa Hotel Yumura Tokiwa Hotel

Yumura Tokiwa Hotel / 湯村常磐ホテル

Detail & Reservation
Guests can enjoy viewing flowers of each season and listening bird's twittering in Japanese garden on the premise of pine trees filled with special atmosphere.
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